08/19/2020- There could be a halt on the tearing down of any old buildings in Marinette as the City looks for a way to control how many and where new parking lots are established. It’s part of a larger conversation being had about a lack of parking for employees at Marinette Marine- a problem which is expected to get even bigger as the shipyard and its workforce does. Last month the Civic Affairs Committee had initial conversations about how to avoid a scenario where property owners, especially those in the downtown area, were razing existing structures to create more parking spaces, and the Committee again took up the topic Monday. Alderperson Doug Oitzinger said the City is “vulnerable” right now and suggested that until the City can come up with a permanent solution, they should take temporary action to prevent any undesired demolition.

As it stands, Marinette’s Building Inspector is responsible for issuing demolition permits and, unless a building has or is being considered for a local, state, or national historic designation, the City has little other say in it. The Civic Affairs Committee approved directing the City Attorney to draft demolition moratorium language, which is expected to be presented to the full Common Council in September.