03/11/2020- More than a year ago the Marinette County Board narrowly voted down a recommendation to dissolve the county’s Tourism Alliance, but that item was back in front of the Development Committee this week for more discussion. County Administrator John Lefebvre again proposed eliminating the advisory committee in the wake of the approval of a new Development/Tourism Director and Program Assistant. He says the County’s structure and approach to tourism promotion is changing and questions the Alliance’s current impact and efficiency.
Development Committee member Bonnie Popp also chairs the Tourism Alliance. She says she wants to hold off on any decisions about the fate of the Alliance until the county’s new tourism employees are in place.
Although the County is in the process of seeking applicants for the new Development/Tourism positions, they don’t expect to have someone on board for another few months. The Development Committee voted to postpone the conversation and any related action on the Tourism Alliance until December.