10/11/2019- Marinette County may take an official stance on a new PFAS-related bill working its way through the state legislature. Senate Bill 302 requires the Wisconsin DNR to establish and enforce PFAS standards for drinking, ground, and surface water, as well as for air, solid waste, and soil. The bill also states the DNR may require entities possessing PFAS to provide proof of financial responsibility for remediation of potential discharge and, that any facility under investigation by DNR must provide access to information related to transportation of hazardous waste to any other site. While some Supervisors are cautioning against wading into partisan politics, Development Committee member Tom Mandli suggested this week the County may have a vested interested in seeing the legislation- known as the CLEAR Act- approved. Marinette County Corporation Counsel Gail Mattison will draft a resolution in support of the measure and bring it to the Development Committee for consideration next month.