12/23/19- With more than 2000 students impacted, the decision to right-size the Marinette School District has to be a community one. That’s the message from administration as they continue to work though the feedback received at a pair of listening sessions held in September on the proposal to consolidate one, two, or three of the district’s existing facilities. Superintendent Dr. Wendy Dzurick says the need to right-size stems from declining enrollment, which leads to a reduction in state funding and facilities operating well under optimal capacity. She says while the results from the listening sessions are still being compiled for review, the consensus is that something should be done, even if there’s hesitancy about the execution.
While an advisory group has recommended the three-building configuration, closing the Garfield, Merryman, and Sunrise locations, Dr. Dzurick says a final decision by the entire school board isn’t expected until this summer.
Residents are encouraged to watch for and fill out the upcoming community survey that will be mailed to them on the proposed right-sizing project. If the district ultimately does decide to close any of their facilities, that transition isn’t expected to take place until the 2021-2022 academic year.