Expert witnesses testified yesterday in the double homicide trial of 84-year-old Raymand Vanneuwenhoven. In the morning session the jury heard testimony and reviewed evidence from the medical examiner and DNA evidence from the Wisconsin state crime lab. In the afternoon, Detective Todd Baldwin from the Marinette County Sheriff’s office was called to the stand to testify as to his involvement with Parabon Nano Labs and Genealogy DNA testing. According to Baldwin’s testimony Parabon Nano labs was able to give him possible names of possible suspects.  Prosecuting Attorney Mark Williams asks, on December 21, 2018, you received results from the Parabon Nano Lab that caused you to take further actions. What information did you receive?

Williams asks Baldwin about an envelope that he sent to Parabon Nano Labs after he obtained DNA from Raymand Vanneuwenhoven.

Raymand Vanneuwenhoven is on trial for the July 9, 1976, double homicide of David Schuldes and Ellen Matheys at McClintock Park in the Town of Silver Cliff. The trial will resume Monday at 8:15am at the Marinette County Courthouse.