The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has posted the draft air operation permit renewal for Tyco Fire Products at 1 Stanton Street in Marinette, Wisconsin.

Tyco Fire Products currently holds a Part 70 operation permit that was issued in June 2014 . The facility has requested emission limitations to reduce emissions below major source thresholds, allowing it to change status and qualify for a non-Part 70 permit. Due to federal rule, upon renewal, any non-Part 70 permit will no longer expire and all conditions in the permit will remain in effect unless revised or revoked.  But, if regulations that apply to the facility change or if there are new regulations, the operation permit must be reopened and revised to include any new or changed requirements that apply to the facility.

The draft permit and a Frequently Asked Questions document can be viewed here under the “Actions Tab”. On the DNR’s PFAS Marinette Webpage.

Public comments will be accepted through 4/21/2021. A public hearing may also be held, should the public request one.

According to the DNR’s FAQ page, on the question of why the permit does not include emission limits or testing requirements for PFA’s emissions, there are currently no federal air emission limitations the department may include in a permit at this facility and for the one PFAS compounds regulated by the State, Tyco has indicated it is not contained within purchased materials, created, or emitted from the facility.   The Wisconsin DNR is working with EPA and other states in gathering knowledge of methods of testing for PFAS air emissions and, once testing methods are federally approved and enforceable, the DNR will use its authority to require testing where and when it is appropriate.