04/11/2019- The Wisconsin DNR fell short of their Chronic Wasting Disease sampling goals in Marinette County last year, but efforts to analyze the local impact of the disease are just getting underway. Wildlife Biologist Dave Halfmann says the agency received 192 hunter-submitted deer samples in 2018. Their goal was to test between 200 and 300 whitetail to determine if and how far CWD has spread since first being discovered last summer in a captive whitetail on a deer farm in Goodman. That discovery prompted a three-year baiting and feeding ban throughout Marinette County, which will be renewed with each new positive CWD result. So far there haven’t been any, but Halfmann suspects other animals on the Goodman farm, which is now quarantined, could have been infected and every deer that dies naturally or is killed there will require sampling. He does note the results from other deer tested aren’t 100-percent reliable because the disease sometimes can’t be detected through the standard testing method for up to 18-months after a deer is infected. Halfmann says the DNR will step-up their sampling efforts in 2019, as well as increase hunter outreach and education about the disease.