09/18/2020- A new potential surface water contamination issue is under investigation in Marinette. Last Thursday the Wisconsin DNR received notification from JCI/Tyco of a sheen on surface water in Ditch B seen upstream from the treatment system installed to control PFAS. The DNR conducted a site visit Friday to examine the sheen and was able to trace it to an upstream residential area. JCI/Tyco has deployed booms and absorbent padding and is in the process of cleaning up the area affected by the sheen. The material has a petroleum odor but at this time its chemical makeup is unknown and the source is as yet undetermined by the DNR. JCI/Tyco’s consultant collected surface water samples from the sheen area for laboratory analysis. At this time JCI/Tyco has paused the treatment system in Ditch B so as to not damage the filtration system. The DNR will continue to work with JCI/Tyco on the cleanup effort to ensure the PFAS treatment system is restarted as soon as possible. Any individuals that may have information regarding the sheen may contact the DNR’s tip line: 1-800-TIP-WDNR.