It’s being called the largest, most complex environmental investigation in state history and now the Wisconsin DNR is forming a new team to address PFAS contamination in and around Marinette linked to JCI/ Tyco’s manufacturing and testing of firefighting foam. Multiple programs under the DNR umbrella have been involved in the efforts to investigate and remediate the contamination of area surface and groundwater and soil, as well as impacts to various wildlife, and DNR reps say the affected communities would be best served by creating a centralized team to oversee the project, and by adding new members to that team. Designating this team would allow the agency to more quickly address various issues that arise and review any documents submitted. Tyco first reported the issue to the DNR is November of 2017, but it’s believed the company may have known about PFAS contamination in the groundwater at their Fire Technology Center as early as 2013.