08/07/2020- The Wisconsin DNR has published its intent to reissue the Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit that regulates wastewater discharges from JCI/Tyco’s Stanton Street facility. This draft permit proposes substantial reductions in arsenic loading to the Menominee River, as well as first-time imposition of PFAS limitations. The draft permit requires several actions by JCI/Tyco in order to minimize arsenic and mercury concentrations in the Menominee River, as conditions of proposed variances to water quality standards for those two pollutants and it is only in following through with these actions that the DNR would authorize the company to discharge treated groundwater from the site. In addition to these requirements, JCI/Tyco has agreed to install treatment systems to remove PFAS as part of other upgrades to the existing groundwater treatment system. The DNR will hold a virtual public hearing on this proposed action September 24th and individuals may submit written comment on the issue up to that date. Instructions on how to take part in either of these activities will be posted on the DNR’s website.