05/16/2019- Marinette parks are going to the dogs. Currently, most of the parks in the city are open to dogs on leashes, but some are concerned with that policy’s aftermath. Marinette’s Parks and Rec Committee discussed Tuesday the growing problem of pet owners not cleaning up after their dog, despite the fact that city ordinance require they do so and those in violation could face fines of more than 400-dollars. Surveilling and enforcing the rule can be tricky, but Mayor Steve Genisot says it’s time the city starts cracking down and hope that word of mouth helps curb the issue.
If they can’t find a resolution, and quickly, Committee member Rick Polzin suggested the city might consider banning dogs from parks altogether.
The Committee took no action on the topic but plans to invite Marinette’s Animal Control Officer Mary Cherry to their next meeting to discuss the issue further.