09/12/2019- The battle of man versus beast in Marinette’s parks continues. Recently, resident dog owners met with city officials to discuss how to enhance and enforce the city’s ordinances regarding dogs in parks to stave off a previously proposed total dog ban in these areas. Alderperson Wally Hitt reported to the Parks and Rec Committee Tuesday that the group supports an increase in signage in the parks and adds residents should step in if they see a dog owner not cleaning up after their pet or letting it roam where it shouldn’t be and file a police report. However, Committee Chairperson Dorothy Kowalski says she’d rather see one comprehensive sign at park entrances outlining dog policies and put the responsibility to monitor and control a dog’s behavior back on the owner.
“People can read as the come in the parks, but I don’t want to see parks inundated with signs. Make sure that the information is there. If they’re going to read it, they’re going to read it. If they’re going to blow it off, they’re going to blow it off no matter how many signs we put up.”
The longstanding goose problem in parks is a little trickier to handle. City Engineer Brian Miller reports the city has spent more than a decade experimenting with different methods to deter and cull the Canada goose population, but the birds keep coming back.
“The geese problem in Marinette and the surrounding areas isn’t going to go away easily. We’ve tried the non-lethal methods, we’ve tried the lethal methods and while we did eliminate some geese from the immediate population, they come back the next year.”
Miller was tasked with working with the DNR to create new dog ordinance signs for the city’s parks and will bring a plan for the design and locations to the next Parks and Rec meeting. As for the geese, the Committee agreed there’s not much they can do at the moment, but agreed to ask DPW crews to give more attention to cleaning up the mess the birds leave behind, particularly ahead of major city events.