Continuing complaints about dog droppings in Marinette city parks has caused the Parks and Recreation Committee to recommend the city council consider banning dogs from all city parks.  There is a $439 fine for owner who don’t clean up after their pets, but it’s difficult to enforce, since a city officer needs to see the dog leave the feces and then the owner not clean them up in order to cite the owner.  Mary Cherry, who not only is the animal control officer, but also the code enforcement officer says her duties prevent her from spending more time trying to enforce the dog ordinance.  She does believe enforcing a ban on dogs in parks would be easier.

Committee Chair Dorothy Kowalski says the city needs to do something.

Committee members discussed whether the recommended ban should also include walking trails, but the consensus was to propose a dog ban in the parks for now. The full City Council will be able to discuss the issue at their next regular meeting.