10/02/2018- Deer activity along Wisconsin roadways is expected to ramp up over the next couple of months. According to the state’s Department of Transportation, deer/vehicle crashes typically peak during October and November as bucks pursue potential mates, and drivers are reminded to remain alert when out on the road. Last year, more than 20-thousand vehicle accidents involving deer were reported in Wisconsin, resulting in 641 injuries and nine fatalities. More than half of all crashes in Oconto County in 2017 involved deer and Marinette County saw 155 deer/vehicle accidents, thirteen of which involved injuries. Traffic safety officials say if a collision with a deer is unavoidable, the safest option is to stay in your lane and brake firmly. However, the “don’t swerve” recommendation does not apply to motorcyclists, who should slow down and swerve if necessary to avoid hitting a deer, while trying to remain within their driving lane. If you do hit a deer, get your vehicle safely off the road if possible, engage your emergency flashers, and contact law enforcement.