Ayers and Associates met with the City of Marinette’s Council Tuesday evening to address the data collection and analysis that they are proposing for the downtown area. While this is not a part of the grant, Ayres and Associates feels this is the best way to gauge what the exact needs would be for the downtown district. Pete Kowlacheski with Ayers and Associates says, “ we got a lot of questions, and we weren’t able to answer anything with concrete data or any supporting information. It  was just an engineering judgment at the time. I think it’s a good idea to do a data collection and analysis to see what we’re proposing here.”

“We’re suggesting the study be done to make sure  we’re implementing the correct things on main street. Also, to make sure  traffic is slowed and pedestrians are safe crossing, “ says Kowlacheski

After a lengthy discussion the council ultimately agreed that the pedestrian study would be in the best interest for the downtown area.