03/19/2020- A change in leadership is coming to the Marinette School District. While Superintendent Dr. Wendy Dzurick had previously intended to retire at the end of this academic year, the Board of Education and other top school officials have hashed out a new plan which will allow for a more gradual transition in the midst of their proposed right-sizing project and an indefinite closure of the district due to COVID-19. This week, the Board approved current Director of Teaching and Learning, Corry Lambie, for the position of superintendent while Dr. Dzurick will take on the Director of Teaching and Learning role, effective July 1st. Dr. Dzurick will serve in that position for the 2020/2021 school year and Lambie says it offers staff the consistency they need to continue advancing the District and its students.
Lambie says beyond his continued involvement with the district’s right-sizing proposal, his goals also include fostering a collaborative culture focused on student success and well-being and developing an environment where continuous improvement is an expectation for students and staff.
Dr. Dzurick became superintendent in 2016 but has worked in education since 1985. Lambie has been with the Marinette School District for 25 years.