At yesterday’s Henes Park Board committee meeting the committee received a presentation from Joe Kaplan on the Emerald Ash Borer treatment. Recently, the Ash trees at Henes Park are beginning to show signs of the Ash Borer disease as well as the River Park Campground. Joe Kaplan says, “the disease is coming south to north.”

Kaplan says, “Menominee County isn’t even on the map as far as being known for Emerald Ash Borer disease.”

For the treatment to begin the committee would need $20,000 just for Henes Park. This would cover about 200 trees. However, they would need to do this every year to be able to treat all the trees in the park. This does not include the city or the River Park Campground.  After a lengthy discussion the committee decided to forward this to the Parks and Recreation Committee for further discussion.