02/18/2019- A recently-released plan by the Environmental Protection Agency aims to do more about PFAS contamination and identify strategies to help protect residents against the chemical. The PFAS Action Plan is being called the “most comprehensive cross-agency plan to address an emerging chemical concern ever undertaken by the EPA.” It describes both short- and long-term actions that the agency is taking related to this type of contamination including establishing the maximum contaminant level of PFAS compounds in drinking water and listing PFAS as a hazardous substance which will provide additional tools to help states and municipalities address existing contamination and hold responsible parties accountable. The EPA is also attempting to develop additional technologies and treatment options for removing PFAS from drinking water. The local contamination in Marinette and the Town of Peshtigo is one of 16 sites in Wisconsin grappling with PFAS cleanup efforts. PFAS exposure has been linked to kidney disorders, reproductive cancers, autoimmune disorders, and other serious health concerns.