02/17/2020- A second attempt to bring a resolution reinforcing Marinette County’s support of the Second Amendment to the full County Board has failed. Last month the Public Services Committee voted down a proposal to pass a resolution opposing the enactment of legislation that might infringe upon a person’s right to bear arms. Supervisor John Guarisco, who originally introduced the measure, appealed that move to the Executive Committee Friday, saying he’s received a lot of feedback from constituents on both sides of the issue and he thinks it’s a conversation the entire board should weigh in on.
County Board Chairman Mark Anderson feels the language of the resolution, opposing any legislation impacting gun rights, is too broad. The resolution also states the board would affirm its support of law enforcement to use discretion in the enforcement of an unconstitutional firearms law and Anderson says, as a part of the legislative branch, it’s not the County Board’s job to decide what is or is not constitutional.
Ultimately, the Committee voted to take no action on the appeal. The item could still end up in front of the County Board if a majority of County Supervisors petition for it to be added to the agenda.