The number of visitors at some Marinette County parks this fall saw increases of as much as four-fold, and County officials are crediting that to a successful marketing campaign and favorable weather conditions. The County launched a Fall Colors Driving Tour this year which featured stops at five County parks on a 50-mile route around Marinette County. Development and Tourism Director Jennifer Short says good weather and the ease of adhering to social distancing and other COVID-19 guidelines outdoors drove up day pass sales in October by more than 250% at Dave’s Falls, 333% at Veterans Park, and by over 440% at Goodman Park when compared to last year’s fall parks activity. Short says, as expected, many of those visitors traveled to Marinette County from Green Bay and the Valley, but a fair number also came from further South and West. The resulting increase in revenue is expected to fund further upgrades and development across Marinette County’s parks and waterfalls.