04/08/2020- The man accused of crashing his car outside the Marinette Fire Department with two children in the vehicle is expected to make a plea deal in the case. 26-year-old Tyler Thill of Marinette is facing two counts of second degree recklessly endangering safety after police say he sped down Main Street with a 2- and 3-year-old in the backseat last June and struck three traffic poles and a fire hydrant before ultimately crashing into the flag pole at the Fire Department where his vehicle came to a rest. Thill admitted to huffing aerosol inhalants just before the accident. In addition to the felony endangering safety charges, he’s also facing misdemeanors for OWI and intentionally abusing a hazardous substance. At a status conference Tuesday Special Prosecutor Allen Brey informed the court a plea agreement has been worked out between the prosecution and defense. Thill is now due back in court for a combined plea and sentencing hearing June 4th