05/23/2019- Some creative problem-solving saved Marinette $45000 on the recent pool deck repair at the Civic Center, but there’s contention over how the remaining funds were spent. The City’s Finance and Insurance Committee heard a recommendation Tuesday to allow the reallocation of $45000 of the $50000 dollars originally budgeted for the deck work. Recreation Director Kent Kosetlecky says his staff were able to remove the old boards themselves and a contractor then came in and poured and finished a cement/grout mixture, resulting in significant savings. That leftover money was then put toward other improvements which are already underway at the Civic Center, including new tile and carpeting, electrical upgrades, and painting. Committee member John Marx says he’s not opposed to the renovations, but he is concerned none of these change requests were run through Finance before the work started.
Mayor Steve Genisot says the Parks and Rec Committee did review the changes beforehand. Kostelecky estimates the work at the Civic Center will be complete by early June.