Fincantieri Marinette Marine and the City of Marinette met in a special council meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss Fincantieri’s proposed updated parking layout. As of the September 2020 plan, Fincantieri has 843 parking spaces in their shipyard and would like to increase the number of parking spaces to accommodate their growth. According to their master plan Fincantieri would have parking spaces at Ely, Stanton, and Ludington Street’s for a total of 1256 spaces. “I think they are meeting the code; the code does bring up some of the minimums required, “ says Marinette Mayor Steve Genisot.

The next steps in securing the parking layout process will be for Fincantieri to present their master plan to planning commission for approval which will be in the next several weeks. If they succeed, then it will go to council for final approval.