Dry Grass

07/12/18–Recent hot, dry weather in parts of Michigan has sucked most of the moisture from this year’s grass and completely dried last year’s growth, greatly increasing the risk of fire, according to the DNR.

The driest areas in the state currently extend from M-35 east to Drummond Island in the Upper Peninsula and I-96 north to the Mackinac Bridge in the Lower Peninsula.

Several areas in the eastern Upper Peninsula have experienced fires this week, including a 32-acre fire in the Hessel area that is requiring extended mop-up efforts. There have been several other, smaller fires across the state. 

There is currently no burn ban in effect. However, burn permits will not be issued in the northern Lower Peninsula or Upper Peninsula until significant rainfall is received,

Campfires are still allowed. However, normal safety rules apply: keep water or sand on hand to put out the fire if needed, never leave a fire unattended and make sure to thoroughly extinguish all fires.