04/30/2019- Tyco’s now dealing with a new type of cleanup effort. According to a release, on Thursday April 25th, the company inadvertently overfilled a fire-fighting foam tank at their Stanton Street facility, releasing about 25 gallons of foam outside their containment system. Of that, it’s estimated that less than half reached a storm water basin that leads to the sewer and the Menominee River. Tyco says they immediately plugged the storm water basin and did not observe any foam in the river following the spill. They also pumped and cleaned material and structures outside the containment system and will perform additional restoration work as necessary. Representatives with the company say the foam contains C6-perflueronated compounds and possibly trace amounts of PFOA. Tyco has notified the Wisconsin DNR and are working with them to complete any necessary formal reporting and further cleanup and containment measures.