10/09/2020- A plea deal has been reached in the case against a former Menominee County Sheriff’s Deputy arrested after he was accused of sexually assaulting a Menominee teen in 2019. 57-year-old Brian Helfert pleaded guilty to an amended charge of attempted accosting for immoral purposes, a high-court misdemeanor, in Menominee County Circuit Court Friday. As part of that deal, two other felony charges of criminal sexual conduct third degree were dismissed and while the misdemeanor he plead guilty to carries a maximum penalty of two years behind bars, the agreement also states Helfert would serve no more than six months in County Jail. If the Court decides not to follow the set sentencing agreement, Helfert retains the right to withdraw his plea and proceed with a jury trial. During the plea hearing, Helfert said he made inappropriate statements to a 15-year-old boy which were intended to be attempted solicitation on how the victim could repay him for money Helfert had loaned the boy. Helfert apparently met the victim through his role as a Menominee County Juvenile Crime Investigator and School Resource Officer.  Helfert’s conviction will result in his having to register as a sex offender for 25 years. He’s due back in court December 4th for his sentencing hearing.