Former Menominee County Sheriff Officer, 57-year-old Brian William Helfert appeared in the 95A District Court this week for a preliminary examination in two cases. Helfert was facing 21 felony charges relating to alleged sexual conduct involving the same now 32-year-old alleged victim. The first case allegedly took place in Nadeau Township and the second in the City of Menominee when the alleged subject was between the age of 13 and 15. Judge Robert J. Jamo presided over the two cases over one day of testimony. Yesterday, Judge Jamo ordered that Helfert be bound over on three counts: child abusive activity, criminal sexual conduct in the first-degree multiple variables with a 13–15-year-old, and criminal sexual conduct in the second-degree multiple variables with a 13–15-year-old. Helfert is bound over to the 41st Circuit Court for trial and will appear on June 6th at 9:30am.