01/04/2019- In just under a decade, the average number of children in foster care in Marinette County has more than doubled. To complicate matters, the county’s Child and Family Services Center says the number of families stepping up to care for these kids hasn’t seen the same increase. Robin Elsner is Marinette County’s Health and Human Services Director. He says there are currently about 55 kids under the county’s care and he says you don’t have to search very long to figure out the reason the count is on the rise.
Elsner says most adults with a clean criminal record are eligible to serve as foster parents. He adds the main goal of the foster system is to provide children with a safe, stable environment until they can be reunited with their parents or placed somewhere permanently.
Marinette County isn’t the only county seeing foster placements on the rise. Statewide numbers have climbed over recent years, also due largely to opioid and other drug use. Those interested in learning more about becoming foster parents should contact the Marinette County Health and Human Services Department.