03/15/2019- The conversation of fireworks is sparking some debate in Menominee. For the past couple of years, Menominee, Marinette, and a private donor have each pitched in to put on an annual 4th of July fireworks display at the Menominee marina, but Menominee City Manager Tony Graff reported to the Finance Committee this week Marinette now wants to host the celebration on their turf and they’d like to see a $5000 from Menominee for the event. Committee member Steve Fifarek says the original agreement to host a joint- community fireworks show dates back to the establishment of Marinette’s Logging and Heritage Festival, which left their July 4th celebration by the wayside and, if it was Marinette’s decision to give up the event in the first place, it should now remain in Menominee.
The first year of the joint display, Marinette donated $5000, but most recently only paid $2500. When the private donor pulled out, that left Menominee to make up the difference, which ran them about $12000 in 2018. Mayor Jean Stegeman suggested Menominee reciprocate the $2500 offer and let Marinette hold the fireworks on Stephenson Island, but committee member Frank Pohlmann cautioned Marinette could feel slighted by that move and worried it would strain the effort to bring more unity to the cities.
Ultimately, the discussion was forwarded on to the full city council with no recommendation from the Finance Committee.