09/10/2019- Local kids are getting a leg-up on their future thanks to an ambitious initiative by the M&M Area Community Foundation and a major donation from one local industry. The Future Fund is a long-term savings account established for every kindergartener in Marinette and Menominee Counties with an initial $50 deposit made by the Community Foundation to encourage hope, build savings, assist with post-secondary education and training expenses, and increase financial literacy. Although it’s been in the works for some time the program officially launched this academic year and Monday, received its largest contribution to date. The Kuber Family with KK Integrated Logistics presented a check to the Community Foundation for more than $176000- enough to fund the Future Fund Program for the next five years. Cynthia Kuber, President of KKIL, says for their family, getting involved just made sense.
“The whole program, the statistics behind it that support keeping kids in school and engaging them in further education of whatever kind, it just aligns with our family’s beliefs and so we felt strongly about getting involved in it and making sure that there was the basis to make it a success long-term.”
Paula Gruszynski, Executive Director with MMACF says it’s not just the dollars themselves, but the investment from community members like the Kuber Family, that will have an impact on students.
“It’s very clearly not about the money. It’s about the hope. It’s about the belief that ‘The community’s here for me. I should start thinking about what I want to do, what I want to be, how I want to integrate into my community.'”
Future Fund accounts will grow by additional smaller deposits from the MMACF during the students’ K-12 career as well as interest earned on the accounts. The goal for the Future Fund is to raise one million dollars in total by the end of the year.