11/12/2019- Marinette Mayor Steve Genisot travels to the White House this week with 34 other Mayors from across the country to shine a light on affordable housing challenges. The Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson, is leading a group of key administration officials and policymakers in this roundtable with local leaders on Wednesday. Mayor Genisot says a lack of housing is both a social and an economic problem because communities with an inadequate housing supply often struggle to attract workers, which leaves local employers unable to expand. While there is no single solution to the housing problem, Mayor Genisot believes local governments need to look at their zoning policies, the state needs to re-examine how it supports local government, and the feds have a significant role to play in both direct financial support and in making sure financing is available for housing. Genisot calls Wednesday’s event an opportunity to lay these challenges out on the table and brainstorm new solutions together.