Governor Tony Evers announced yesterday that the Wisconsin PFAS Action Council released its 2022 PFAS Action Plan Progress Report. The 2022 PFAS Action Plan Progress Report provides updates on PFAS action under the Evers Administration to date, and recommendations for continued future action. The Wisconsin PFAS Action Plan includes 25 recommended actions categorized into eight themes: standard setting, sampling, pollution prevention, education and communication, research and knowledge, phase-out, future investments, and historic discharges. The 2022 report outlines steps taken, and progress made by the Evers Administration to address PFAS contamination since December 2020, when the Wisconsin PFAS Action Plan was released, including the collection of PFAS-containing Firefighting Foam Waste At the recommendation of the PFAS Action Plan, Gov. Evers included a $1 million investment in his 2021-23 biennial budget to support the collection and disposal of firefighting foam that contains PFAS. The PFAS Action Plan also recommended conducting drinking water testing, monitoring, and public notice if PFAS exceeds health advisory levels. Starting Legal Action Against Major Chemical Companies Gov. Evers and Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul just weeks ago announced a lawsuit against three Wisconsin manufacturers and 15 other defendants whose conduct led to PFAS contamination, which resulted from recommendations in the Council’s PFAS Action Plan released in 2020. To read the PFAS Action Plan, the Progress Report released today, or learn more about the Council, please visit the DNR’s Wisconsin PFAS Action Council (WisPAC) webpage.