A Somerset, Wisconsin student is getting some nationwide publicity for a device he designed to prevent active shooters or other intruders from pushing open a door to a school classroom.  Justin Rivard was 15 when a school shooting incident caused him to think of better ways to secure a classroom. He was encouraged by a teacher.

The result is a door jab lock he calls JustinKase.  The metal device locks the bottom of a door against the door frame, making it impossible for a person to push to door in.  He says it takes only a few seconds to lock in place.  He has refined his design so there are now six models for different shapes of door frames.  His first customer was his own school, which ordered 54 for all their district classroom.  They are available through his website at $95 a piece.

Rivard was in Peshtigo Friday to demonstrate his invention at the Peshtigo Schools, invited by a  group called Grandparents for Action.  Bev Doucette says she and other grandparents were becoming more and more concerned with each school shooting in the news.

She then heard of Rivard’s device, and ordered a sample.   Doucette says Grandparents for action want purchase the safety device for all classrooms in the Peshtigo District.  They are accepting donations and have an account at the N.E.W. Credit Union in Peshtigo.  For more information you can call her at 715-923-8311.