Nautical Snowplowing is an easy way of imagining the icebreaking procedures that take place on the Great Lakes. Currently, there are insufficient icebreaking capabilities relative to the economic demands. Which is why Representative Mike Gallagher toured the Port of Green Bay Friday to learn more about the Port’s ice breaking needs. Gallagher says, “nearly 30 percent of our country’s gross domestic product is generated in the Great Lakes Region.”



Gallagher says, “part of the problem is that we are dealing with an executive order that is over 86-years-old. It’s from the FDR administration. The demands of winter commerce have changed in the intervening 86-years.”



Representative Gallagher’s bill ‘Great Lakes Winter Commerce Act’ would allow funds for an additional Great Lakes icebreaker and modernize the Coast Guard’s icebreaking mission in the region. The bill also helps ensure trade routes and ports across the Great Lakes—including Green Bay—don’t freeze over in the winter and halt commerce. The bill has passed the House and now moves onto the Senate before it becomes law.