The Wisconsin Groundwater Coordinating Council shared key recommendations for protecting and preserving vital groundwater resources in its 2021 annual report to the Wisconsin State Legislature. The recommendations focus on evaluating and addressing drinking water contamination from nitrates, PFAS chemicals, viruses, and other microbial pathogens. PFAS chemicals have been detected in drinking water and groundwater throughout Wisconsin. The report highlights the challenges of removing PFAS from groundwater. The council recommends establishing PFAS groundwater enforcement standards to guide cleanup efforts and safeguard public health and continuing to identify PFAS sources and their potential impacts to groundwater and the environment. The council also supports the Wisconsin PFAS Action Council in developing and coordinating statewide PFAS initiatives. Viruses and other microbial pathogens have been found in municipal and private wells, challenging previous assumptions about how they persist and move in groundwater. For more information about the report visit the Wisconsin DNR website.