The Canadian National Railroad is currently repairing most of the railroad crossings in disrepair in the City of Marinette with this week Cleveland Avenue and most recently Hall Avenue. This left motorist detoured to the Hattie Street Bridge to make it into Menominee. But what wasn’t accounted for was that motorists could not understand the detour route at the Hattie Street/Riverside intersection.  As Committee member Jason Flatt of the City of Marinette Civic Affairs, Cemetery, Traffic and Lights Committee pointed out the intersection at Hattie Street and Riverside was not safe or altered at that time.

“I personally witnessed an accident there while walking the day after I sent an email to our city representative saying hey this is clearly unsafe! I sent this email the day I finally realized just how unsafe this really was”, says Flatt

City Engineer Brian Miller assured Flatt that for future projects it will be noted in the project file. So that if there is another time where there is a detour there will be proper signage for motorist using the detour route. In the coming weeks the CN will be repairing Carney Avenue and Roosevelt Road Railroad Crossings.