01/07/2020- A Wisconsin legislator is reaching across state lines to communicate concerns about the proposed Back 40 Mine in Menominee County. Senator Dave Hansen sent a letter to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer voicing his opposition to the open pit mine. He says the project’s proximity to the Menominee River, coupled with recent flooding patterns, threaten irreparable harm to the river, its resources, and all those who rely on it for their livelihood, recreation, and drinking water. In the letter, Hansen also states he feels approval of the mine would result in the loss of significant cultural resources of the Menominee Indian tribes of Wisconsin. Hansen says he’s heartened that Governor Whitmer will have the final decision over permits for the proposed mine. While Aquila has received some conditional permits for other aspects of the project, the company is expected to resubmit a dam safety permit application in 2020, which will restart the permit review process from the beginning, including new opportunities for public review and comment.