03/05/2020- The Hattie Street Bridge saw some major renovations just a few years ago, but additional work on the structure is now needed. A report by Ayres Associates delivered to Marinette’s Board of Public Works Tuesday showed there is some damage and deterioration on portions of the concrete channels running along the bridge’s fishing platform. Chris McMahon with Ayres says the issues aren’t a structural concern yet, but if they’re not addressed soon, they could lead to a big maintenance headache in the future.
The recommendation included in the report states the majority of the deterioration can be corrected with some crack repair and concrete patch work. McMahon says fortunately, that project could be completed in about a week with minimal impact to vehicle traffic.
The repairs are expected to cost up to $100000, but that would be split evenly between Marinette and Menominee. Both the Board of Public Works and Common Council approved the project Tuesday. Work is expected to get underway in May.