City Engineer Brian Miller addressed the Board of Public Works committee on Tuesday evening to address the condition of Hattie Street piers one and two. Miller says, “Ayers and associates has put together a proposal and would like to assist the city in a design for piers one and two to remedy a scoured condition under the piers.”

“In talking with Ayers and Associates they asked if we’d like to join in on the design since we do have some scouring on the piers. Not nearly as bad as piers three and four,” says Miller.

The $15,554 proposal is for the design, specifications, and permitting for the scour remedies. Which is essentially a grout mat that would be placed in the void around the base of the pier, and around the pier cap; that would cover the void and protect from further scouring. The committee approved and forwarded it onto council for further approval. The work is scheduled for 2023.