If you voted in-person in Marinette on Election Day, you likely encountered a wait time to do so. City Clerk Lana Bero reports they saw historic voter participation levels in the November 3rd election, with around 86% of registered voters casting their ballots. Almost 3000 people opted to take advantage of absentee or early in-person options, but around 2000 more waited until the day-of to vote, creating some congestion at the Community REC Center- the City’s singular polling site. Bero says there were about 300 people waiting in line before the polls even opened at 7 a.m. on Election Day.

In addition to those already registered to vote, there were more than 400 residents who registered for the first time at the polls on Election Day and many residents who requested curb-side voting, which stretched poll worker resources even more. Bero says poll books will be divided out further for the next major election to help prevent the kind of lines seen this year. She adds the November 3rd vote counts have not yet been certified and she is expecting a recount.