09/21/2020- Campus leaders at the two local colleges say although their collaboration began before the coronavirus pandemic, that partnership has proven even more valuable in post-COVID academia. The Marinette Area Higher Education Coalition was formed between UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus and NWTC Marinette two years ago to bring a shared vision of public higher education to the region. Through it, students can access classes, resources and student activities at both campuses and even enroll in one of several degree pathways to earn a bachelor’s degree. NWTC Marinette Dean Dr. Jennifer Flatt says that’s been a major draw for students looking to stay local for their education due to economic, health-related, or any other reason.

Both schools tout continuing education and upskilling opportunities and in this uncertain economic, there are plenty of people considering a career change. UWGB-Marinette Camps Executive Officer Cindy Bailey says they recognize that non-traditional students who are also juggling a family and a job need flexibility and the Coalition is striving to make higher education more accessible to everyone.

Individual in-person campus visits are still being offered at NWTC-Marinette and UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus for those wanting to learn more about joint opportunities offered through the Marinette Area Higher Education Coalition. You can also get more information online at uwgb.edu/marinette or nwtc.edu.