02/24/2020-The Michigan DNR is alerting anglers that changing ice conditions could call for the removal of fishing shanties before required removal dates. They’re also saying people venturing onto the ice should use extreme caution as temperatures begin to rise or fluctuate. The repeated thawing and refreezing of ice weakens its integrity, decreasing its ability to support additional weight of people, vehicles, and shanties. If ice conditions don’t warrant early removal, the final date for shanty removal on Michigan-Wisconsin boundary waters in the UP is by midnight March 15th, while shanties on all other UP waters much be taken down by midnight March 31st. Shanty owners whose structures fall through the ice could be subject to penalties or even jail time. If a shanty is removed by a government agency, the court can require the owner to reimburse that agency for an amount of up to three times the cost of removal.