05/11/2020- A problematic intersection in northern Marinette County is unlikely to see any safety upgrades in the coming year. The County’s Infrastructure Committee has been discussing concerns about the intersection of Countys O and N on and off for years, and over the past several months have been pushing for a solution. The topic came up again at the Committee level last week during Highway Commissioner Eric Burmeister’s regular report, and he even a simple fix like installing a flashing warning system in the area would cost tens of thousands of dollars and with 2019 winter maintenance costs coming in 70% over budget- that’s money his department doesn’t have available.
County Administrator John Lefebvre went on to call the proposed purchase of a warning system for the intersection a “Band-Aid solution” and said they need to be thinking more long term, which will likely require a lot more time and money.
Infrastructure Committee member Roger Allen asked for the item to be placed on next month’s agenda to allow the entire committee to discuss and investigate potential solutions, timelines, and costs.