02/11/2019- The recent string of severe weather may have been good for something. With temps plunging below well below zero the population of the invasive Emerald Ash Borer that’s been found in more than half of all Wisconsin counties, including Marinette County, may have taken a serious hit. A recent study shows that temperatures around 20-below could cut the numbers of the Asian beetle in half and 30-below may lead to about a 90% mortality rate. The study does note that tree bark provides insulation for the bugs and that they’re affected more by the actual air temperature, not wind chills. UW Extension Agricultural Agent Scott Reuss and Dan Mertz with the Wisconsin DNR agree determining just how severely Emerald Ash Borers were hit by the cold snap will be a “wait-and-see” effort. Mertz adds, unfortunately, he expects the insect will be impacted, but not eliminated, saying it’s likely “they’ll bounce back.”