03/13/2020- One local agency is making a big push to broaden tourism- and tourism promotion- in Marinette and Menominee Counties, but they’re looking for buy-in from major municipal players to make it a success. inVenture North is in the process of developing the new Invent Your North brand, which will include a website, app, and social media accounts showcasing all there is to do in the region. Roberta Davis is Vice President of Marketing and Community Development with inVenture and presented Menominee County’s Economic Development Committee with an opportunity to get in on the effort at the ground level. The cost for exposure on this new platform would run the County about $25000 annually and includes marketing of recreational opportunities and events, as well as more meaningful promotion of what sets Menominee County apart.
While the Committee was enthusiastic about this new brand campaign, they also wanted to see participation and financial support from other bodies- namely, the Cities of Menominee and Marinette and Marinette County. Menominee County Administrator Jason Carviou says they’ve spent a lot of time talking about the need to enhance tourism but have taken little action on it.
Any contract with inVenture North for tourism promotion would still need to be discussed and approved by the full County Board. Davis says they’ve also been in conversation with regional business associations, chambers of commerce, and the private sector on the new Invent Your North project. She’s hopeful the app can be launched in the coming months.