It began in a family cemetery with two cousins. Elizabeth Rice is a retired schoolteacher from downstate Michigan and Pat Cummins a retired schoolteacher from Dublin, Ireland. When they looked upon a hill to see the names of the Irish upon headstones. Cummins says, “I’ve always been interested in local history and when I saw these headstones, I was amazed. It amazed me the names. I might as well have been home in a cemetery in Ireland with all the headstones and the names on them we saw.”



Rice says, “we knew some things about what life in Ireland was like in the 17 and 1800s. We, of course, knew about the potato famine, so we knew some things that led people to leave Ireland.”




The Authors of the book “Irish Immigrants in Michigan: A History in Stories” Elizabeth Rice and Pat Cummins will hold a reading of their book at Spies Public Library this Thursday, June 23rd beginning at 6pm. This event is free for the public and you do not need to register to attend. If you have questions about the book reading, please call the Spies Public Library at 906-863-3911.