JCI/Tyco continues their long-term monitoring plan for the plume after council approves the Fourth Amendment to Access Agreement between the City and Tyco Fire Products LP for groundwater monitoring wells and vap. Matt Coleman, with Arcadis, says, “what we’re really dealing with is four new locations and one return location. The idea is we submitted a site investigation status report to the DNR. They found some additional data gaps they wanted us to fill.”

The investigation locations within the City of Marinette include:  The intersection of Stanton Street, Mary Street, and Church Street will need a well installation. There is a well abandonment near Elizabeth Avenue and Eighth Street. Fourth Street near Carney Boulevard and Main Street requires another well installation, as well as the intersection of Prairie Street and Lincoln. While VAP boring and installation of up to two monitoring wells near the intersection of Lincoln Street and Shing Wa Uk Drive will be completed. However, all locations will be marked and approved by the City of Marinette prior to any construction.