07/20/2020- It’s been more than two and a half years since JCI/Tyco first alerted the DNR to the possibility PFAS contamination had spread beyond the boundaries of their Fire Technology Center in Marinette, but the company and the DNR have yet to settle on a long-term solution to providing clean drinking water to impacted residents. The leading option has been the extension of municipal water lines from either the City of Marinette or the City of Peshtigo, though neither City has committed to that type of project yet. Kyle Burton with the Wisconsin DNR says in the meantime, point of entry treatment systems are getting the job done at the homes where they’ve been installed, but that’s not a permanent fix.

Right now, JCI/Tyco is responsible for performing that maintenance and monitoring work, which Burton says doesn’t offer homeowners the same reliability and assurance that a municipal water source might.

JCI/Tyco has previously said they would fund the extension of municipal water from Marinette to the Town of Peshtigo. The DNR and JCI/Tyco are scheduled to meet next month and an update on long-term water supply options is expected to be on the agenda.