The Town of Peshtigo has officially agreed to enter into talks with the City of Marinette about the potential extension of municipal water from Marinette to PFAS-affected properties in the Town of Peshtigo and while they’re still a long way from a resolution, JCI/Tyco calls it a promising step as they and the Wisconsin DNR continue to push for the remediation of local PFAS contamination and a long-term safe water solution for all residents. While other options for providing clean drinking water to the Town of Peshtigo like extending the City of Peshtigo’s water line or drilling deeper private wells, have previously been explored, Katie McGinty with JCI says connecting these homes to Marinette’s water supply has consistently been identified as the best solution.

JCI/ Tyco has committed to funding the proposed municipal water extension project. McGinty says it’s part of the company’s obligation to the cleanup and ensuring the health and safety of residents.

No timeline for the project is available yet, though JCI/ Tyco has previously stated they wished to see the work done by late 2020 or early 2021. The Town of Peshtigo’s negotiations with Marinette on the matter stalled for months due to apparent non-payment of legal fees by JCI/Tyco, but the Town of Peshtigo Board has since reported that billing conflict has been resolved and talks will resume soon.