To prepare for the facilitated discussions about a long-term water source, Tyco has researched all potential water options for the Town of Peshtigo residents potentially impacted by PFAS. Katie McGinty, Chief Sustainability Officer at Johnson Controls says, “four key options have come to light after extensive engineering that we’ve done, but also the Town of Peshtigo, City of Peshtigo, and the City of Marinette have undertaken.”

McGinty says, “we’re really now taking all of this work and we will be calling, emailing, and sending information packets directly to the 169 properties and property owners that are in the area affected by PFAS from our historic operations.”

Now that the engineering and dialogue has enabled JCI/Tyco to understand the spectrum of options available, they would like to let the residents know that the power is in their hands to make choices. McGinty says, “whether that is in initiating a petition that would catalyze a process of potential annexation and availing themselves of the resources of the City of Marinette or a deep well that is theirs on their property. The neighbors, families themselves, can, will, and should make for their own benefit, for their own future of what works best for them.” McGinty states JCI/Tyco wants them to know they’re empowered in this process. If residents in the PWSA would like to schedule a meeting, they can do so by calling 715-582-7100 or by filling out the contact form at   

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